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Eating refugees

To celebrate the big EU-Turkey deal, we built an arena with four Libyan tigers in the middle of Berlin. We searched for refugees who were willing to be eaten for the successful defense policy of the federal government and for the transport ban for refugees (§ 63 Abs. 3 AufenthG) - a hyperreal Rome on the floor of the strong European Union.

The first candidate who is willing to let itself eaten by the animals turns with an impressive speech (17 min) at the German public at a press conference .

The German Government communicates its decision on whether our candidates will stay alive or find their deaths.

The Bundestag decides about if the refugees should drown further in the Mediterranean arena. If the refugees can stand against the wild sea beasts they will win - as in the Colloseum - more than just a game: freedom or drowning. 
The Roman Senate admits in the meeting again to the transport ban. The savior of the humanistic West (see video at the top) may not enter the Senat.

The Joachim 1

The summer of dying 2016 has dawned. There is no time to lose. Hundreds of thousands of people are drowning again on the Libyan coast. The deletion of a single paragraph in the German law can change this - and thereby still change the fate of Europe’s humanity. The ferry, which ferries from the Turkish mainland to Lesbos, costs less than 10 EUR. The human traffickers demand for the same route in deadly boats up to 2000 EUR. Responsible for this is the EU Directive 2001/51/EC.

The CPB visited and took care of the passengers in Turkey. They are Syrians who have without a doubt the right for asylum (if they take the risk of the murderous way). We sent the passport data and the declaration of intent to the chancellery, the Department for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior and the BAMF. As the first plane on behalf of the German civil society, the Joachim 1 will bring people in need on a safe route from Turkey to their loved ones in Germany. There is no political justification for people to be plundered by human traffickers for being either drowned or wade hundreds of kilometres afoot through the mud.

The press conference of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (in German)

"Here we should have killed to show that you are acting like animals. But you are not acting like animals. You have strayed from us to be better than us. But you just have strayed from yourselves. We cancelt he final. In the name oft he tigers we leave you alone with your dilemma. We are not the solution. We are the sad performers of your doom. This is too real to be played."

Letter from the tigers to mankind

Familie A. aus Ar-Raqqa

Familie K. aus Aleppo

Familie H. aus Damaskus


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Arabic بسبب-اللجوء-في-ألمانيا-ممثلة-سورية-تقد

RT Arabic بالفيديو.. ممثلة سورية تعرض نفسها طعاما للنمور احتجاجا على ظروف اللاجئين

anapress عمل فني ضد سياسة استقبال اللاجئين بمشاركة فنانة سورية ونمور ليبية مفترسة منظمة ألمانية تدعم اللاجئين عبر النمور المفترسة! تعاطفاً مع اللاجئين.. مي سكاف سترمى “قربان” لنمور مفترسة إلغاء رحلة جوية لنقل لاجئين إلى ألمانيا بسبب فعالية فنية ضد سياسة استقبال اللاجئين

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The Dead are coming

The German government’s worst nightmares came true: refugees who drowned or starved to death at Europe’s external borders, were brought to Berlin. Together with the victims’ relatives, we opened inhumane graves and exhumed the bodies. You missed the intervention?

First Fall of the European Wall

A memorial for the victims of the Berlin Wall left the city’s government quarters to escape the commemoration festivities for the fall of the Berlin wall’s 25th anniversary to the borders of the European Union.